For-Sale Faculty Housing

UCLA developed Colina Glen in 1986 as a community of 58 townhomes which were sold exclusively to eligible UCLA Faculty and Senior Managers. To be eligible, a person must be a full-time academic appointee with the title of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, or Senior Lecturer with security of employment, or a person designated by the Chancellor.

Re-sale price restrictions with fixed formulas ensure long-term affordability for future generations of Colina Glen homebuyers, but do not allow for the advantage of market appreciation that may be afforded when purchasing a home in the general community.

As the sale of homes is intended to help the University in their recruitment and retention needs, each school has been allocated a certain number of homes for which they may designate buyers. When UCLA Real Estate is notified of an owner's intent to sell, the appropriate department is notified that a home is available and to forward the name of their first choice to UCLA Real Estate, who then contacts this prospective buyer and allows them to see the home and make a purchase decision. If the person declines to purchase, the department forwards another name, and the process is repeated until a buyer is found.

If you are interested in being considered as a buyer when a unit comes up for sale, inform your department head of your interest.

If you are interested in further information about Colina Glen, contact the Faculty Housing Department at (310) 794-6120 or email to [email protected].